Tzoumakers in a nutshell

Tzoumakers is an open lab for communities to cooperatively design and manufacture tools for small-scale agricultural production. Our vision is to create such sites in both villages and cities where citizens may seize technology into their own hands. These sites may be supported by municipalities and/or by multi-stakeholder cooperatives.

At this stage, however, we are primarily focusing on empowering the local communities to ensure the viability of our pilot. Hence, our website is mostly in Greek. We shall enrich it in due time.

In the meantime, you may check out the documentary about one of our actions which encapsulates our ambition.

Tzoumakers are located in the region of Tzoumerka, in the cultural center of the Kalentzi village (location on the map here).

Since 2023, School of Earth (aka Nea Guinea) has been the coordinator of the Tzoumakers’ makerspace in Kalentzi.

To reach us, please feel free to write us at If that doesn’t work, call us at (+30)6932124260 (you can also use Signal, Telegram etc and ask for Alekos).

(We would like to thank our friend Nicolas Garnier for the photo 🙂 )